Marketing & Promotion of Businesses in Recruitment

The success of any business, the industry notwithstanding, is pegged on the constant generation of quality leads. Lead generation, a task under the marketing department is therefore one of the most important aspect of all marketing director jobs. What other roles does the marketing director perform in order to enhance the success of the business?

Extra information about marketing director jobs

Brand Strategy development and implementation 

For any brand, there needs to be a strategy for its conceptualisation, development, production, selling and improvement. A brand that doesn't have a detailed strategy is doomed to fail. With the guidance of the marketing director, the marketing department must come up with a strategy for each and every brand as well as that of the entire organisation. The strategy identifies the role of the brand in improving the company's revenue, the step by step approach in the development and marketing as well as the people tasked with different responsibilities at different times.

Online marketing

The majority of consumers have access to social media. They use social media to identify brands that are suitable for their lifestyle and in some cases, they shop online. As a brand, having active social media accounts can help in creating awareness about the brand, developing trust with clients, clarifying issues about the brand, handling customer complaints and questions and identifying different ways the brand can leverage online marketing to become the go-to brand. All this work is spearheaded by the marketing director.

Web and application design

A functional website provides a platform where clients can learn more about the business. The website is critical in converting clients and therefore the marketing director ensures that it is customer friendly and that it has the information that a client requires to make informed choices. The marketing director works closely with the IT department to ensure that the website and all applications are not only modern but that they have the latest information.

Client relationship management

Business that create long term relationships with their clients are more likely to succeed. The first step to creating lasting relationships is to be genuine in your quest for a connection which is followed closely by the need for both parties to find the relationship meaningful. This requires effort, patience and time and is part of the marketing director jobs. Developing the relationship is easy but it requires determination to maintain the relationship. For consistency, the business should strive to maintain a detailed guideline on how this should be done such that a change in the holder of the marketing director docket does not affect the business negatively.

Staff management

Every department requires efficient, qualified and experienced staff members. The marketing director is therefore tasked with the identification of potential candidates, recruitment, employee induction and training for the marketing department. It is important to continually improve the skills and abilities of these employees through internal and external training for the success of the business. He or she will also be tasked with tracking performance and career growth of the staff members under their direct supervision.

Financial management

Marketing and sales requires a financial investment and the business needs to keep track of its spending. As such, the department requires a detailed budget outlining different expense items. In addition, it requires projections on the expected revenues and expenses for different periods. All these are prepared with the guidance of the marketing director.

Other duties

The development of the marketing calendar, development of the marketing collateral such as the newsletters, strategic planning for the department, analysis of the consumer trends and competitive landscape are other common duties for directors of the marketing department. Note that these may vary across industries.